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SMARTline Telephone Teller

Make the call to SMARTLine every time you need instant Credit Union services!! SeaComm Member Audio Response Teller Line (SMARTLine) is an audio response system that connects you to your account at SeaComm Federal Credit Union.

SMARTLine allows you to request information, transfer funds, calculate loan payments or even request that funds be mailed directly to your home. SMARTLine is only accessible with a touch-tone telephone. You will need to have your account number, Personal Access Code and account types ready when you call.

To use SMARTLine,
dial 769-5821 or 1-866-769-5821

Press one of the following options:

PRESS 1 - For balance inquiries
PRESS 2 - For history inquiries
PRESS 3 - For withdrawals by check
PRESS 4 - For transfers
PRESS 5 - For checking information
PRESS 6 - For loan information
PRESS 7 - For additional options
PRESS * - To end the call
PRESS # - To return to the previous menu

Expert Mode

By using number sequences followed by the # sign, you can quickly retrieve the information you are looking for.

For Balance Inquiries:
11# Primary savings balance
12# Checking balance
13# Other deposit account or certificate balance
14# Loan balance
15# List of all open deposit account balances
16# List of all open loan balances

For History Inquiries:
21# Savings history
22# Loan history
23# Last payroll deposit
24# Deposit
81# Cleared check history
82# ACH history
83# Payroll history
84# ATM history
85# Debit card history
86# Point of sale history
87# Loan payment history

For Withdrawals by Check:
31# Primary savings withdrawal
32# Checking withdrawal
33# Other deposit account withdrawal

For Transfers:
41# Primary savings to checking transfer
42# Primary savings to loan transfer
43# One deposit account to another deposit account transfer
44# Checking to primary savings transfer
45# Checking to loan transfer
46# Other deposit account to loan transfer

For Checking Information:
12# Checking balance
21# Checking history
53# Cleared check history
54# Range of cleared checks

For Loan Information:
16# Open loan list
14# Loan balance
63# Loan payment inquiry
87# Loan payment history
65# Loan payoff amount

For Additional Options:
91# Change personal security code
92# Change to menu mode
93# Change number of history transactions in a group
94# Change secondary access code
98# Help
99# End call
38# Year-to-date dividend information
39# Year-to-date loan interest information

Key Terms
Account number - the number assigned to your SeaComm Federal Credit Union account
Password - A four digit number used as a Personal Access Code(PAC). Please stop into any SeaComm branch location to obtain a PIN for your account.
Pound sign - The key or button signified by the # sign
Star sign - The key or button signified by the * sign

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